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The mandate of AA1 MSQ Visaenterprise Ltd. (hereunder "MSQ Visaenterprise") is to provide the most recent and accurate information regarding Visas, application processes and requirements and document authentication based upon the standards set by each Embassy, Consulate or immigration authority. All measures are taken to secure a timely completion of every Visa or document authentication. Due to the fact that Visas/documents are subject to government changes without prior notice, MSQ Visaenterprise does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided although we take every means available to us to keep our website and databases up to date with the requirements of the Embassies.

MSQ Visaenterprise recommends that all clients (applicants) obtain their Visa before purchasing airplane tickets in order to avoid any type of loss or damages in case the Embassy, Consulate or immigration authority does not issue the Visa on time. The applicant acknowledges that the granting or the denial of Visas is entirely up to the discretion of the issuing Embassy, Consulate or immigration authorities and therefore MSQ Visaenterprise does not guarantee approval. The mandate of MSQ Visaenterprise is to make every effort to submit all visa applications to the proper Embassies or Consulates and MSQ Visaenterprise cannot guarantee that Visas/documents will be issued on time. The decision to grant or deny the application for a visa/document is a decision of the government of the respective country to which the application is submitted. By retaining the services of MSQ Visaenterprise, all clients acknowledge that the processing times for Visa/document applications found on this website are an approximation and cannot be guaranteed. All applicants acknowledge that the Visa/document authentication is issued at the discretion of the Embassy or the immigration authorities and they may ask for additional documents and/or extra time to make a decision on the application. MSQ Visaenterprise disclaims any liability for losses, damages, forfeitures of deposit or expenses, loss of business, and damages of any kind whatsoever incurred by the client in the event the visa applied for is denied or not obtained within a stated time period. The granting of any visa/document is subject to these terms and conditions.

All applicants acknowledge that the applicant is solely and entirely responsible for the accuracy of the information in the visa applications and that MSQ Visaenterprise disclaims any responsibility in this regard. MSQ Visaenterprise is not responsible for loss or damage to passports nor for delays in issuance of replacement visas/documents due to circumstances or causes beyond its control. MSQ Visaenterprise is not responsible for injury, damage, loss, accident or delay to any person or property which shall arise due to causes beyond its control and not occasioned by its fault nor due to any act of negligence of any other party, war, strike, civil turmoil, riots, fire, acts of any government agency thereof, failure of transportation communication, or acts of God.

By processing Visa/document authentication request(s) with MSQ Visaenterprise, the applicant authorizes MSQ Visaenterprise to act and perform as his agent in the procurement of the Visa(s)/document(s) without liability. As the granting, or the denial of Visa(s)/ document(s) is entirely up to the discretion of the issuing Embassy or Consulate we do not guarantee approval. Charges, which are the responsibility of the applicant or his representative, are due and payable immediately. We do not assume liability for delayed, lost, or stolen Visas/documents and or passports.

MSQ Visaenterprise staff will do their best to present its clients applications in a timely and professional manner.

MSQ Visaenterprise is committed to establishing and maintaining the highest standard of integrity and customer service and removing the complications, intricacies and unnecessary time delays experienced when dealing with embassies and consulates. We remain steadfast in our business ethic, personalizing and customizing our services according to the client’s needs. We are committed to providing a professional, friendly, knowledgeable and high quality service with respect to our client's privacy, integrity and confidentiality at all times.