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Our Services

AA1 MSQ Visaenterprise Ltd. service is designed to offer an efficient, convenient, and reliable all-inclusive service to citizens and residents of Canada (someone who has legal status in Canada).

Our Services Include:

Visa requirements information: Clear, updated and detailed information relating to the type, validity and processing time of each visa and the necessary support documents.

Submission & collection of documents to and from embassies on behalf of client and send it where required.

Authentication of documents from a Notary Public, Treasury Board, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), Foreign Embassies etc.

Translation of documents: languages include English, French, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish.

Organization of schedule to obtain multiple visas.

Quick and easy access to application forms via our website or from our agents by fax.

Assistance in the completion of application forms.

Verification of documents and information within the visa application package before submission to the embassy or consulate.

Constant communication with the client or travel agent during the processing of documents and visas from A to Z.

Method of payment: We accept money orders & certified cheques as well as Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards.

And much more!

Work Hours: Agents are available from 8:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday (Eastern Time) and after work hours with appointment.