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The Benefits of Using Our Service

Travel agent commission:

You will be eligible to receive the commission simply by referring a client to us or by sending us their application on their behalf.


1. We maintain excellent communication with our clients and take special care to keep travel agencies informed of the status of the application throughout the process. (for example: the date the application is received and the dates of submission, collection and return to client, including a unique courier Tracking Number)
2. Immediately contact if any documents are missing or needed.

Service Guaranteed:

Live phone assistance for how to use our website, how to fill in applications or any other inquires.

1. Freshly updated visa requirements and applications forms.
2. Initial review of submitted documents at our office ( checking to ensure that all information is OK).
3. Second review of documents at Embassy with visa officer before submitting them to Embassy.
4. Third review at the Embassy when we collect the documents, to ensure that the visa has been issued as required (accuracy of travel dates, validity, appropriate visa type, correct names and passport Number).

Time Customization:

1. Saving time and money (no need to travel to the Embassy).
2. Sending your Documents directly to Ottawa, and back to you when themission is accomplished, (No need for any other city in between).
3. Avoiding unnecessary wait time for sending the passport several times between the client and Embassy if multiple visas are required.
4. Last minute and emergency visa processing requests are possible and made easy by virtue of our excellent relationship with embassy staff.

Travel to Russia & SNG:

We provide fast invitations to Russia or any ex-Soviet Union countries.

Reasonable and affordable service fees:

Our fees are more competitive than other Canadian visa companies