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1. We have direct contact with the embassies and an exceptional relationship with the embassy staff.
2. Full literacy in travel visa processing and related documents.
3. Reliable, professional and quality service.
4. Customized processing time with reasonable fees.
5. Our strategic geographical location in the heart of Ottawa's downtown business center

AA1 MSQ Visaenterprise Ltd. is an Ottawa based company formed from some of the most experienced agents in the industry. As an organization who is in the frontline of handling visa applications for over 150 embassies and consulates, we understand the process can sometimes be tedious, time consuming and stressful for both embassy staff and clients.

When embassies receive applications and documents that are incomplete, the process is at risk of lengthy waiting times while searching for correct information and missing documentation and sometimes having to send documentation back to the client without a visa. AA1 MSQ Visaenterprise Ltd.intercepts this process before any problems arise and assures that all information is presented exactly as required.

Not only do we achieve this on a small scale, but for multiple visas as well. When a traveler requires visas for more than one country, the process time could be increased by several folds. AA1 MSQ Visaenterprise Ltd. cuts out the risk of having to mail your passport multiple times to each embassy and as a result, process time is also reduced. Our experts have all the resources, knowledge and experience required to give you peace of mind.

Geographical advantages

Our main office is located IN THE HEART OF Ottawa's diplomatic community. We are a yard away from most embassies in Canada's capital. Working with the Embassies on a daily basis has enabled us to build an excellent personal friendship with embassies and consulate staff. This in turn increases the quality of our service.